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Our Members

Members of International Division

Masashi SUZUKI, General Manager

He has extensive experience in consulting start-up businesses, including developing visions, strategies and practices. He has been involved in the breast cancer screening centers in Yangon and Mandalay, Myanmar, and setting up several other clinics. He is an expert in the development and operation of medical check-up centers and medical centers for female.

M.Sc. from Okayama University Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology (Biological Science) MBA from Aoyama Business School

Born in:Ehime, JAPAN
Language skills: Japanese, English

Mediva has always asked “Are we innovative?”. Stepping outside of Japan, I continue asking myself the same question and launch new healthcare related services in the world.

Kagan Hou

She graduated from East China University Science and Technology, studying in social work and had social worker training in psychiatric hospitals for a year. She earned her master’s degree after studying at Japan Women’s University where she did a comparative study of the psychiatric social worker’s roles in psychiatric hospitals between China and Japan.
She is fluent in Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese and English and interested in psychiatry, disability, and rehabilitation and aged care services.

B.A. from East China University and Technology, Department of Social and Public Administratin
M.A. from Japan Women’s university (Social Welfare)

Born in: Jiangsu China, lived in Shanghai from 15 years old
Language Skills: Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese and English

“I am dedicated to the improvement of service in organizations. I believe that innovation can make a change in the local community”


He is a certified radiological technologist, and a registered medical coordinator for Japan Medical Team for Disaster Relief. He started his career in international healthcare, in Vietnam as a JICA volunteer and worked as a JICA Coordinator in Malaysia and Sudan. He has a work experience as a radiological technologist in Japan and Vietnam.

B.Sc. from Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine, Division of Health Sciences

Born in: Tochigi, JAPAN
Language skills: Japanese, English, Vietnamese


I would like to deliver the medical/health services benefitted from experience and know-how of MEDIVA to all people. Through the MEDIVA projects, working with the worldwide partners, local communities and families, I wish that all people will be happy.

Fumiaki MANABE

He worked in research and development of materials for drag delivery system in a chemical manufacturing company. He later joined a medical equipment venture company where he was involved in research and development of coronary stents.

M.Sc from Kyoto University Graduate School of Engineering (Energy and Hydrocarbon Chemistry)

Born in: Chiba, JAPAN
Language skills: Japanese, English


I want to solve issues in medical field from a broad view.


After serving as a sales representative of medical devices at Johnson & Johnson K.K. in Japan, She joined MEDIVA in 2011. She has business experiences in management consultant for Japanese clinics and hospitals, marketing strategy planning and implementation at global pharmaceutical company, research of regulatory requirement for opening a clinic in Japan by expats, and marketing research of medical tourism industry.

Bachelor Degree from International Christian University, Tokyo
MBA from Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo

Born in: Tokyo, Japan
Language skills: Japanese, English

I'm motivated to develop "healthier" health care system; that is to help medical institutions both to become financially sustainable and to be able to provide quality of care for patients and their families.

Katsuya SUZUKI

He is a certified physical therapist. He worked in an elderly care home and provided rehabilitation to the residents and local people. He joined Mediva in 2007 and has been involved in a number of projects on clinic development, operation support, and hospital turn-around. He also established five elderly day care facilities which focus on functional training. He now acts as an operational director of these facilities.

M.Sc from Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine

Born in: Aichi, JAPAN
Language skills: Japanese, English

I want to realize the environment where everyone has access to quality medical care and elderly care which maximize the satisfaction of both patients/users and the healthcare professionals.


He is a certified physical therapist and also a team member of the strategy consultation for governments, companies, and home medical care clinics in Mediva. He developed his professional career in Health Insurance Bureau, Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare (Japan). He was in charge of designing the basic policy for health promotion and disease management. He is acquainted with health promotion, gerontology, rehabilitation, and social security system.

M.Sc. from Human Health Science, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University
B. S. from Department of Physical Therapy, Faculty of Health Science, Kio University

Born in: Osaka, Japan
Language Skills: Japanese, English

I wish to make this world a better place where people can live a life full of health and happiness through medical innovation.