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Our Services

Development of medical/health check-up institutions

We provide total support to establish your medical institution, such as hospitals, clinics and health check-up centers. With our rich experiences in and out of Japan, and working closely with Kameda General Hospital, we can assist in realizing your ideal institution which meet the local needs and culture.

  1. Developing plans (concept design, space design, business model design etc.)
  2. Supporting equipment purchase
  3. Training staff (doctors, technicians, service staff; training can be done on site and also in Japan)
  4. Establishing processes, management systems and operation

Management and Operation

We dispatch our staff to your medical institution to provide hands-on support. Working closely with you, we maintain and improve daily operation processes and management to enhance the clinical and service quality.

  1. Evaluation of institution
  2. Improving daily operation and services
  3. Managing expansion and relocation

Policy and Medical Infrastructure Development

Working closely with our wide network of top doctors in Japan and utilizing our research and analysis capability, we assist the national and local government to develop healthcare policies and infrastructure. We can also assist in the implementation of, for example, training programs for doctors and technicians. In some cases we will work together with the Japanese government, particularly METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) and with MEJ (Medical Excellence Japan).

New Business Development

Using our experience in Japan and our research and consulting expertise, we assist in developing new healthcare model in your country. We can help you in the area related medical institutions, but also in other areas, such as insurance, preventive medicine, nursing care, and disease management. Our clients can be medical institutions, governments, companies, NGOs and NPOs in and out of Japan.